Who we are is as important to us as what we do. Learn more about our culture here, exploring our corporate values, reading up on our mission to keep quality at the forefront of our work, and discovering how we at creative werks strive to create social impact.



Our Food Safety and Quality System details our commitment to producing safe, high-quality products. Our program ensures we meet and exceed the requirements outlined in the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Across all our facilities, we conduct 3rd party annual SQF audits and we are proud to maintain our SQF Food Safety status – the highest level awarded by GFSI. In addition to SQF, creative werks has received its National Organic Program Certificate of Compliance by Quality Assurance International (QAI) to process organic products. We also hold Halal Certification.




QWerks is our Quality Monitoring Software and a critical part of our Quality Management System. The software allows our management team to create custom quality plans catered to our clients’ needs. Brand companies feel confident their product is in good hands and value the quality and production data Qwerks collects to derive helpful insights about their product.


Our values are the compass that leads our business. We want our associates to be inspired, challenged and to love working here. All things considered, we are in the pursuit of value creation: we want to exceed our clients’ expectations and to run production with maximum efficiency and with minimal impact to the Earth.

We love what we do. We are continuous learners who find excitement by spreading our wings and venturing with clients into uncharted territory. It is this element of our business, which truly sets us apart from the rest.


We see challenges as opportunities and a window for growth. We learn from our mistakes and are constantly looking for ways to be better, faster, and stronger than the day before.


We are tenacious in our hard work, we are consistently reliable, we seek team contribution, and perhaps most importantly, we go the extra mile 100% of the time.


Creativity is the hallmark of our company. It is not seen as merely a way of thinking different; rather, it is a set practice that is woven into every facet of our business from design, to manufacturing, to logistics.


100% Accuracy is a critical part of the production process. Our team is dedicated to providing precise, exact information; we understand the importance of getting it done right the first time.


We promote healthy minds and healthy bodies because we value healthy employees. Balance is quintessential in ensuring employee happiness and sustaining growth.


We collaborate with our customers, our vendors, and most importantly, our team. We seek partnerships in the community to support local businesses, education outreach and serving the community.


A sound process is critical for success. However, we know that being nimble and always working with a sense of urgency will allow our clients to meet every changing demand.


We are engaged in higher-order thinking, embracing curiosity, imagination and experimentation, as we believe this will lead to innovation at its finest in every facet of our business.