We are a product development firm that creates innovative design solutions with cost, feasibility and, most importantly, the consumer in mind.

We have perfected a process for developing new packaging concepts.


We believe good design starts with research. At WDG, research is an essential part of the design process. We study the market place and consumer trends to design with purpose and deliver concepts which identify needs and gaps in the marketplace.


We hold collaborative brainstorming sessions internally and with our clients called Idea Labs to generate new ideas with a cross functional team. We have developed a process for developing new packaging concepts to design for manufacturability or to improve a design for maximum efficiency in production.


Ideas are brought to life using 3D modeling software. At this stage, our clients are able to see what the final design will look like, this includes estimated dimensions, several views and full concept artwork applied.


An important part of our process is the development of mockups and samples. It is crucial that we can communicate the form and function of a design to our clients before any investment is made. With samples, we are able to conduct design evaluations to ensure safety of a product and make any design tweaks to maximize efficiency on the line.


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In order to understand the consumer landscape and meet client expectations, we conduct comprehensive market research specific to our clients’ brand and their competitors to find packaging solutions that excel in retail.


We have a team of industrial designers that work with marketing, engineers, and plant operations to design innovative and unique packaging that wins the hearts of consumers.


We have the expertise and technology to execute any packaging format with speed, to test for safety, for in market test samples, or to help sell your idea to retailers. We can help bring an idea to life.


We facilitate focus groups to gain deeper insight into the target consumer. We share our findings with brand teams and use that data to inform our design process.


From logo and graphic development to the perfect color scheme, our in house graphic design team creates designs that are innovative and production ready. Our team can assist with all your graphic design needs.


We deliver innovative and creative design solutions consumers want and our clients need. We work closely with clients to align their strategy with our process. We’ll work through every aspect of development from sketch to production.

Why Choose Us

Innovation is a key asset to any business. We work with you to develop ideas that balance consumer wants and needs with feasibility and execution. Werkshop Design Group is at the center of strategy, design, and execution. We believe our consumer focused approach with our commitment to quality and cost efficiency differentiates us from the rest. With the partnership of our parent company, creative werks, we provide turnkey solutions for our clients from design, to manufacturing, to co-packing.


Our brainstorming platform brings together creative thinkers to generate ideas and problem solve. With our cross functional team of experts, we follow a unique formula that brings focus to the ideation session and ensures we remain on target to gather the best ideas and clear deliverables that solve for the initial objective. Through rapid sketching techniques we can collaborate closely with our team of engineers early on in the process so concepts we explore further are feasible and cost effective. Click below to get in touch and try it out!

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