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RUTH Dorsey, creative werks’ Traffic Coordinator, came to the company in 2012 after working in transportation air freight logistics for over 13 years.  A native Chicagoan, Ruth grew up on the Northwest side born into a family with southern roots.  Growing up she was taught how to milk a cow, fish, and hunt at an early age.  Now as a parent, she is her son’s number one football fan and loves cheering him on at games.  Aside from weekend football and working fulltime, Ruth is pursuing her degree in Business Transportation.  Read on to find out more about Ruth, who would play her in a Hollywood movie, and what NFL team would be lucky to have her as their draft pick.

What was your first impression of creative werks? 

My first impression of creative werks was that it’s a company with career growth potential and that it’s heading in the right directionand I was right!

If you could possess any super power what would that be?

Healing: to help ease the pain for people suffering from serious illness.  Also, “premonition” – I would love to be able to see things seconds or minutes before they happen so that I can prepare better. 

What position at creative werks would you most like to experience for a day?

I would like to be a Project Coordinator.  I’m interested in learning more about our clients’ processes.  Also, I’d like to be the CEO, to learn more about strategy and the vision for the company. 

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

 “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.  

What is the first thing you would do if you were the sole survivor on Earth?

 I’d hop on a jet and fly across the world!

Who would play you in a movie? 

 I would say Halle Barry.  She is a very smart, stylish, sophisticated and talented person.

What’s your favorite thing to splurge on?

 Shoes.  I love shoes, I can never have too many.  

Do you have any irrational fears?

 I would say I’m pretty fearless.  If anything, I’d say I have a fear of pain or sickness. 

What has been mankind’s greatest invention?

Technology, computers, internet: everything is just a click away.  

If you could play on any NFL team, which team would you play on and what would you play?

I'd like to play with the Chicago Bears team with the legendary Walter "Sweetness" Payton.


by Colleen

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