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Our vast and diverse set of capabilities fulfills most of the formats seen in the market today. Our co-packing services range from vertical and horizontal bagging, cartoning, flow wrapping, cup-filling, thermoforming, and other seasonal and everyday formats. GET IN TOUCH to learn more.

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Do you offer sustainable packaging solutions?

Definitely! Sustainability is a prime focus at creative werks.  We work with our network of suppliers to identify opportunities to lightweight existing packaging, and product that is made from post-consumer recycled material. Additionally, our in-house design firm, Werkshop Design Group, executes package development with a focus on sustainable options, to allow clients the most cost-effective option that has the least impact on our planet.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) to run something at creative werks?

Our order quantities depend on the line and the way the individual product runs. For this reason, we have custom pricing and MOQs for every program.

Do you have a pricing catalog or ballpark price list for each capability?

Because our clients' products are unique and run at different speeds, move and land in different ways, and run on different machines we do not have a pricing catalog. We price each program individually, factoring in complexity, production output, and volumes.

Are you able to source the packaging for my program?

Absolutely! Our team is ready and willing to handle full turnkey programs. Our Procurement team is happy to work with your predetermined suppliers or lean on CW's strong supplier network to identify the best partner to meet your program's needs.