IDEA LABS: Hosting focus groups to derive key insights for seasonal and everyday packaging

Werkshop Design Group (WDG) - creative werks' in-house design collective - is expanding its research efforts to include focus groups, engage consumers directly, and better understand purchase drivers. Most recently, WDG held an Easter and Christmas gifting consumer focus group geared toward kids - the very individuals who enjoy the holidays most.


Parents brought their kids in for an afternoon of activities and stocking filling to understand what exactly kids are hoping to find when searching for the Easter basket or turning the stocking upside down. The forum was organized to encourage discussion surrounding gifting occasions and preferences for what would best fill a stocking or basket. As kids gravitated toward their favorite items, the WDG team was looking to answer:

           -  How can the holiday be expanded? 
           -  What occasions have the most potential?
           -  What do consumers really want?


Two rooms were decorated to the brim for the respective holidays where the participants, ages 6-12, had the opportunity to select five items from two categories: small gifting ($1 - $3) and mid-level gifting ($5 - $10). Each room had table displays of novelty candy, toys, games, and seasonal offerings. Upon selection, participants were asked about their choices, preferences, and how they determined which items ultimately made it to their stocking (or basket). In addition to the specific data gathered, participants were also asked about their favorite holiday traditions, movies, hobbies, and candy.

Because consumers have indicated that secondary uses can influence purchasing habits, WDG wanted to understand which activities resonate with participants the most. Coloring books, word puzzles, mazes, stickers and other games were laid out on the table and researchers gathered insight from the participants to understand which games were most appealing and why. Kids were eager to share ideas and explain which games illicit the greatest excitement.

Not only does this research become the foundation for understanding the consumer, but it also inspires WDG to identify future design opportunities and gaps in the marketplace. “We're committed to exploring consumer preference in order to design with purpose and deliver insight-driven packaging solutions that are creative and fun, and also mindful of real-world constraints,” remarks Kelly Zelmanski, Sr Industrial Design Manager, Werkshop Design Group.



Werkshop Design Group is a design collective within creative werks llc - one of the United States’  leading co-packers and manufacturers. creative werks' mission is to be the ultimate packaging partner and to deliver the highest quality products that win the hearts of consumers. Werkshop Design Group collaborates cross-functionally with creative werks' team and expansive supplier network bringing ideas to shelf that are loved by the consumer and retailer alike. 

by Allyce

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