creative werks' Spotlight on Saranjit Saini!

Sunny Saini UpdateSaranjit Saini, or Sunny as he likes to be called, is a coworker we're all lucky to have. Growing up in India, Sunny loved playing - and watching - sports. After moving to Illinois in the early 2000s, that love of sports led him to become a big fan of the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bulls. When not cheering on his favorite teams, our IT Manager loves to spend time with his wife and two daughters. His schooling in Information Technology ultimately led him to creative werks and we couldn't be happier! Read on to learn more about one of our many friendly faces at creative werks!

What is the most interesting piece of trivia you know?

Oscar the Grouch used to be orange. The first season he was orange and then they turned him green. They wrote some story where he went to a swamp and he turned all green. It’s too funny; you should look that up.


What were you like at age 10?

I had a lot of energy. I loved playing Contra and Mario on Nintendo 64. I loved being active and played any sport – until after high school, that is.


What do you tend to splurge on and why?

Technology and shoes! I invest in a lot of robotics and smart devices. I have everything possible you can think of for our house: Nest cameras, light sensors, you name it. On my desk right now I have Cisco switches and mechanical gadgets, which is a lot of fun. And I love buying shoes. My wife hates it, but I love shoes. I’ve bought a lot of Yeezys.


Do you have any irrational fears?

Actually, spiders. I remember watching a tarantula movie with my sister when I was younger and I've been, like, haunted by spiders since then. I really don't like spiders.


You receive a free voucher to fly anywhere in the world – where do you go?

Switzerland. I have so many family members that went there and they always have amazing things to say about it. I remember about 10 years ago or so, I was watching Top Gear and they toured Switzerland and it was one of the best episodes I saw. I want to go rent a really nice car and drive around the country now.


If you could be stuck at a specific age forever, what age would you choose and why?

You know, I'm the happiest I've ever been right now, so if I could stay at this age that would be great. My kids are at a perfect age where they're little and bubbly and if I didn't have to get any older, I would stay right here, right now. 


Who inspires you? What ways do they inspire you?

My Mother, she works hard and takes care of everyone. She’s a really great person.


What’s the craziest call you’ve ever received at work?

A couple months ago I received a call from some scammers, who pretended to be the IT Manager at creative werks. They asked me to give them my password so they could remove a virus from my computer. I let them talk for a little bit before I let them know that I am the IT Manager, at which point they hung up. It was kind of funny. 


How many times do you hit snooze in the morning?

A lot – I’ll stay up as late as you want me to, but I am not a morning person.


What was your first impression of creative werks?

Friendly staff and really cool building – everyone was incredibly nice. I really liked the fact that we have so many activities. There’s always something going on in the company and it feels really collaborative. I’ve worked in companies of all sizes and really I’ve never seen anything like it.